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"Light Doctor [Lumenal Lighting] did an excellent job throughout the process at CMS, and our lighting is much improved. They completed our building in a timely and professional manner. They made sure not to interfere with building or classroom activities and always cleaned up after themselves. The guys were friendly, positive and accommodating."

Chris Simpson, Principal,
Chehalis Middle School

Recycling Is Good for Your Business

Every fluorescent light bulb contains mercury, and even energy-efficient compact bulbs need proper disposal whenever they're replaced. You can help keep the environment clean by using Lumenal Lighting's lamp recycling program.

Business Responsibility

Did you know it is the legal responsibility of business owners to manage hazardous lighting waste correctly? Using Lumenal Lighting for your lighting recycling gives you the assurance that your waste lamps are properly handled.

Lumenal Lighting is a licensed recycler. We strive for 100% recycling. We use only EPA-approved recycling methods that eliminate the hazardous waste liability you may incur by disposing of your spent lighting products yourself.

Environmental Responsibility

Not only do we properly recycle lighting products for all our clients, we also recycle any metal, wires, plastic and cardboard used in the removal and installation of lighting products. We are dedicated to doing the right thing for our environment.

Contact us to learn more about our recycling programs.