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"I found the team from Light Doctor [Lumenal Lighting] to be professional and responsible while working at R.E. Bennett. I appreciated that your team explained the scope of the work and what I could expect while they were here. We did not experience any disruptions or messes left as a result of the work. Our gym lighting is amazing!"

Trisha Smith, Principal,
R.E. Bennett Elementary

Better Lighting Provides Remarkable Results

Whether you're considering basic efficiency retrofits or are interested in a full lighting upgrade, the Lumenal Lighting team can provide the advice, installation and professional service you need.

Quality Service

The Lumenal Lighting team has completed thousands of retrofit and upgrade projects since 1980. We work with all types of organizations, and have provided services for school districts, military bases, retail stores, banks, cities, churches, and more. Lumenal Lighting employees perform all of the work, from concept design to sweeping up at completion. We've seen and done just about everything.

We understand how to match new lighting within older structures in a way that makes the best use of your space and delivers the greatest longevity.

Greater Performance

Retrofitting isn't just about replacing old lights. Advancements in lighting technology now enable you to control how your lighting is used throughout the day. Our proactive approach to new lighting technology sets us apart.

Savings and Utility Rebates

Upgrading to a higher-quality lighting system can reduce your associated energy costs by 30% to 50% or more. Because saving energy is good for the environment, many utility companies offer substantial rebate and incentive programs for lighting upgrades or retrofits — up to 70% of the total cost of the project.

Lumenal Lighting is an approved contractor for utility companies in our markets, enabling us to make sure that you receive the maximum utility rebates for any lighting improvements we do. When the Lumenal Lighting team submits a proposal to you, we include the supporting documentation necessary to ensure that your job will qualify for appropriate rebates.

Financing Options

Lumenal Lighting offers financing options through a variety of financial partners, delivering competitive, value-added solutions.

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