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Light Doctor Grows 70% and Saves 17.7 Million KWHs
Mountlake Terrace, WA-January 23, 2011
- Light Doctor, LLC announced today that company revenues grew 70% during calendar 2010. Moreover, the company's efforts in doing lighting upgrades reduced electrical consumption, in client companies, by 17.7 million KWHs.

Light Doctor's efforts, in energy savings, are the equivalent of saving over 11,800 tons of CO2 emissions per year or removing 1889 cars from the road for one year.

Light Doctor's rapid growth allowed the company to hire throughout the year and to expand its geographical coverage to cover entire Pacific Northwest.

"Lighting retrofits are not only great ways to save energy, they also improve working conditions and improve building values. Improved lighting increases worker productivity and makes any building a more attractive space in which to work or shop," said Don Nielsen, Chairman of Light Doctor, LLC.

"New lighting technologies, combined with rebates from utility companies, make the retrofitting of lighting an excellent business decision. ROIs on lighting retrofits are often 50% or higher," said Nielsen.

Established in 1980, Light Doctor is the Northwest's largest independent lighting contractor offering lighting retrofits, lighting maintenance services and the sale of lighting products. Hundreds of clients have come to rely on Light Doctor for lighting services at their commercial, manufacturing, institutional, governmental or retail facilities.

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