Optimally lit office and common areas after a successful commercial lighting upgrade
Optimally Lit Office And Common Areas After A Successful Commercial Lighting Upgrade

LED Commercial Lighting Upgrade Service

The best way to achieve a successful LED Commercial Lighting Upgrade is to partner with the right team of lighting professionals. Lumenal Lighting is here to help you at every step of your commercial lighting upgrade. By working cooperatively with your Lighting Consultant, Auditing, and Design teams, you can ensure a superb LED lighting conversion result. LED lighting and controls technology evolve so quickly, that it is essential to have someone following those trends and advances on your behalf and make appropriate recommendations.

  • Lighting Consultants help you define your commercial LED lighting goals and budget
  • Lighting Auditors collect data related to your existing lighting and controls system
  • Lighting Designers determine the specific LED replacement products to meet your lighting goals and budget
  • Lighting Rebate Analysts determine what utility rebates for which your project may be eligible
  • Project Managers ensure that your commercial lighting installation is completed on time and within budget
  • Licensed Journeymen and Apprentices install your commercial LED lighting upgrade reliably and up to code

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