Retrofits & Upgrades

In its almost 40-year history, Lumenal Lighting has completed thousands of retrofit and upgrade projects. We understand how to match new lighting within older structures to make best use of your space and deliver the greatest longevity. And upgrading to a higher quality lighting system can reduce your associated energy costs by 30%-50% or more.

We take a proactive approach to new lighting technology, including the greater performance and flexibility LEDs offer. As an approved contractor, we work with the utilities in our markets to ensure you receive any offered rebates or incentives. We also offer competitive, value-added financing solutions through a variety of financial partners.

Project Management

Lumenal’s construction management team has the knowledge and experience of thousands of successful lighting enhancement projects. This experience will ensure consistent positive outcomes for the client’s lighting projects. All our projects are managed and designed to come in on budget and on time.

Smart Performance

We will customize a lighting system to best use your space and maximize longevity. Our smart control systems provide additional efficiency, greater control and an enhanced environment.

Enhanced Surroundings

Attractive and consistent lighting makes your workplace more conducive to productivity, improves shopping experiences for customers and increases safety. We will always pursue the best and latest of designs and products to attain these goals.

Energy Savings

Our design team will use the most advanced energy efficient products available to both save you money and be environmentally responsible. As an approved contractor, we work with the utilities in our markets to ensure you receive any offered rebates or incentives.

Environmental Liability

All the old lamps, ballasts and fixtures housings along with the cardboard from the new fixtures will be properly recycled. A certificate of disposal will be provided at the end of the project. Any PCB material will be clearly marked and handled properly. Lumenal Lighting takes pride in their recycling efforts. Currently Lumenal Lighting recycles 100% of recyclable material that is removed from every job site.

Measurement and Verification

During the installation process the electricians will do a pre and post wattage reading using Fluke meters. Normally the standard M&V is 5% of each fixture type. These measurements will be included in the closeout documents.

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