Lumenal Lighting

Reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills, and avoid expensive maintenance costs for the next 10 to 20 years or more with an LED commercial lighting upgrade. Maximize your energy savings by implementing smart controls that communicate with your current or planned building automation system. Installing innovative, future-proofing tools today readies you for the technological advances of tomorrow. How you do business and the environment in which you work, learn, and live are changing rapidly. You will be best equipped to face those exciting advances by partnering with a knowledgeable, design-build electrical service provider. Your current energy savings, light quality, and maintenance goals will be identified and addressed. Your future objectives are anticipated and integrated into your custom-designed lighting, electrical, and controls strategy. The future of lighting and controls is here, and Lumenal Lighting is the future of lighting delivered.


Optimally Lit Office And Common Areas After A Successful Commercial Lighting Upgrade

Achieve a successful LED Commercial Lighting Upgrade with minimal business disruption.

A Journeyman Electrician Repairs A Parking Lot Lighting Fixture From A Bucket Truck

Get commercial lighting repair and maintenance services that match your needs, budget, and schedule.

Business Startup Office Incorporating A Human-Centric Lighting Design

Develop customized fixture by fixture lighting designs to achieve your unique goals and criteria.

Well Lit Underground Parking Garage Improves Safety And Security

Improve the safety and security of your business facilities by fixing poor lighting.


Professionally Managed Commercial Property With Upgraded, Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Implement a lighting maintenance or upgrade strategy to keep your properties safe, aesthetically pleasing, and energy efficient.

Long-Lived LED Lighting Benefiting A Mall's Commercial Property Owners

Lower operating costs, upgrade the space appearance, and eliminate maintenance hassles with long lived LED lighting.

Warehouse Facility With LED Industrial High Bay Lighting

Balance lighting efficiency and cost effectiveness with the specific needs based on the use of your industrial space.

Bustling Healthcare Facility With Retrofit, Relamped, And Tunable LED Lighting

Lower the high operational costs associated with a building with long operating hours and high-density electrical usage.

Responding to COVID-19

As events unfold and change daily regarding the novel corona virus, we want to let our team members and clients know that taking all recommended steps to ensure their health and safety is our utmost priority.

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