Professionally Managed Commercial Property With Upgraded, Energy Efficient LED Lighting
Professionally Managed Commercial Property With Upgraded, Energy Efficient LED Lighting At Night

Property Management

Property management companies in Washington and Oregon depend on Lumenal Lighting to take the hassle out of lighting maintenance and LED lighting retrofit projects. We have reliable experts to help you implement a maintenance or lighting upgrade strategy to keep your property safe, desirable, aesthetically pleasing, and energy-efficient.

Our property manager clients have enough to worry about. They know they can just call Lumenal Lighting to take care of all their lighting maintenance and LED upgrade needs. We provide lighting packages that add instant value to their properties by immediately improving tenant security and productivity. Ultimately, these types of upgrades make their properties stand out in a highly competitive market.

Jeff Phelan, Lighting Consultant, Lumenal Lighting

Property Management Partners

Lumenal Lighting provides lighting maintenance and LED installation services to many property management companies in Washington and Oregon. Our clients know they can rely on us to respond quickly to service requests and are an essential resource when it comes time to do a leasehold improvement or tenant improvement (TI) project.

Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to schedule a maintenance program, one-off emergency service, or want to upgrade your managed property to LED lighting.

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