Lighting utility rebates recover costs lost due to inefficient incandescent bulbs
Lighting Utility Rebates Recover Costs Lost Due To Inefficient Incandescent Bulbs

Lighting Utility Rebates Analysis

Electric utility rebates are financial incentives that encourage utility company customers to upgrade to LED lighting and implement sensors and control systems. Upgrading to LED lights and adding motion detection, photocells, daylight harvesting, or other controls significantly decreases energy usage costs. Each utility has its own customized rebate incentive program to entice customers to convert to LED lighting and add controls. By partnering with Lumenal Lighting, you have access to our internal lighting and controls rebate assessment resources. Our team of experienced rebate analysts is dedicated to understanding, maximizing, and processing utility incentive programs. They have a comprehensive knowledge of each utility’s rebate programs and collaborate with our design team to ensure the best lighting design is implemented to maximize the incentive. Our team works directly with the utility to perform Pre and Post lighting project construction walkthroughs and review. We also process required utility documentation to efficiently close out the utility rebate portion of the project and expedite the delivery of your incentive check/credit from the utility.

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