LED Lighting Improves College Campus Safety

College Campus Parking Lot Lighting LED Upgrade, Western Washington University
College Campus Parking Lot Lighting LED Upgrade

Bellingham, WA – Lumenal Lighting, LLC partnered with Western Washington University to upgrade outdated pedestrian lighting to LED. Over 250 High Intensity Discharge (HID) light fixtures were replaced with high-efficiency LED fixtures. High-efficiency LED fixtures increase safety, save energy and maintenance costs, and reduce light pollution.


When colleges explore safety improvement strategies, security specialists often consider lighting upgrades. Better-quality lighting gives campus visitors a better sense of safety and better wayfinding. Additionally, adequate lighting may help combat criminal property damage and violent crime. Criminals are more likely to avoid well-lit areas where they may be easily seen and identified.

LED fixtures are particularly good at focusing light just where it is needed. Professionally designed lighting systems can clearly illuminate vehicle and pedestrian pathways. Successful wayfinding strategies simplify navigation, highlight specific areas of interest, and create desirable predetermined paths.

LED Pedestrian Lighting Upgrade: Amazing Before & After Drone Footage


LED lighting uses less energy and lasts 10 times longer than HID sources. By using less energy to provide comparable light levels, lighting utility bills can drop by 50% or more. With energy rates at 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, installing LED exterior lighting could save $130 per fixture, per year.

Traditional HID using 400 watts = $200 per year
New LED fixture using 160 watts = $70 per year

The cost to repair and maintain traditional HID sources is especially high for exterior lighting. Facilities personnel may need special trucks and lifts to access the fixtures. HID lamps last about 20,000 hours and the ballasts last about 40,000 hours. Since exterior fixtures are typically on about 4,200 hours per year, maintenance is needed at least every 5 years. LED fixtures can last well over 100,00 hours; that reduces most maintenance for over 20 years. The costs and inconvenience avoided with LED makes for a compelling reason to upgrade exterior lighting.


Light pollution produces detrimental changes to night skies. Its primary source is excessive amounts of misdirected light from streetlights, commercial and industrial lighting, signage, and other types of artificial light. Urban dwellers and wildlife may be at higher risk of disruptions in natural rhythms and the creation of light-induced spots that are notably warmer than surrounding rural areas.

The good news is light pollution is easily remedied. By choosing light fixtures that direct light only where it is needed and at proper light levels, the impacts of light pollution can be mitigated. Traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures throw light in a burst around the light bulb, with little control over inadvertent light trespass. LED light fixtures emit light in a deliberate direction, allowing it to focus its beam only where needed. Fixtures certified by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) protect the night sky by reducing glare, light spill, and excessive illumination.

The light quality improvement in this project is remarkable and immediately evident in the before and after drone footage. Western Washington University has taken steps to reduce energy and make their students safer all in one project.

Bobbi McLeod, Lighting Certified (LC) Designer, Lumenal Lighting


Whether your primary goal is safety, energy and maintenance savings, or light pollution reduction, Lumenal Lighting is here to help. We are a Washington State Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) committed to helping our clients enhance their properties with first-rate LED lighting.

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