Modern LED street lights delivering high quality light exactly where needed
Modern LED Street Lights Delivering High Quality Light Exactly Where Needed

Street Lights and Area Lighting

Street lights and area lighting make great candidates for LED upgrade due to their high wattages, long operating hours, and expensive maintenance costs. The goal of every street and area light design is safety, longevity, and minimizing the negative impact on surrounding areas. LED light fixtures deliver high quality light exactly where you want it and nowhere you do not. LED street lights and area lighting are maintenance free for over 20 years, as well.

Lumenal Lighting has proven expertise on streetlighting, high-mast, and area light projects. We have upgraded the streetlighting for multiple municipalities, high-mast lighting for piers and ports, and security lighting for detention facilities. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experienced installation teams to meet your needs.

Shane Petitt, VP Client Relations, Lumenal Lighting

Streetlighting Data Collection

Lumenal Lighting auditors are equipped with TrimbleĀ® sub-foot accurate GPS (global positioning system) data collectors that are programmed to collect specific data for large-scale streetlighting projects. This data includes, but is not limited to: wattage, pole height, high voltage presence, and clearances. The resulting data can be exported into many different file types and integrated into your current Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping. Keeping our auditing in-house and administering our own custom data collection methods enables us to maintain our high standard of accuracy, regardless of the size and magnitude of the project, minimizing errors and change orders.

Lumenal Lighting has a great reputation for completing streetlighting projects with minimal inconvenience to local drivers and community members. In past projects, we have provided a toll-free number specifically designed as an avenue by which citizens may voice concerns or complaints about our crews. Negative comments were found to be nearly non-existent. When we work on public streets, as with any project type, community safety and the well-being and efficiency of our crews are our utmost concerns and focus. Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to work with an LED street light and area lighting expert.

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