A professional lighting auditor conducts a commercial lighting audit
A Professional Lighting Auditor Conducts A Commercial Lighting Audit

Light Fixture Auditing Services

Interior and Exterior Lighting Audit

The first step of an LED lighting conversion is to inventory or audit your existing lighting system. Lumenal Lighting’s professional lighting auditors will visit your facility to take an inventory of your existing light fixtures. They record the lighting technology type, quantity, wattage, current controls method, and other details about your existing lighting system that will help our in-house lighting design team recommend the best replacement. Our auditors utilize a custom-designed mobile app to quickly and accurately capture the level of detail needed to determine your best upgrade solution and capture installation complexities unique to your space.

Streetlighting and Roadways Lighting Audit

Streetlighting and Roadway fixtures provide a great opportunity for improved lighting and energy cost reduction. They have higher energy usage and long operating hours. Collecting data for large-scale streetlighting projects may sound daunting. Partnering with Lumenal Lighting gives you access to our professional lighting auditors, equipped with TrimbleĀ® sub-foot accurate Global Positioning System (GPS) data collectors that are programmed to collect specific data. This data includes, but is not limited to: wattage, pole height, high voltage presence, and clearances. The resulting data can then be exported into many different file types and integrated into your current Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping. Keeping our lighting audits in-house and administering our own custom data collection methods enables us to maintain our high standard level of accuracy regardless of the size and magnitude of the project, resulting in minimal errors and change orders.

ATM & Night Deposits Lighting Audit

Bank ATM (Automated Teller Machines) and Night Deposits are required to have specific light levels per RCW 19.174.050 in Washington and ORS 714.295 in Oregon. Our professional lighting auditors can be dispatched during night sky hours to take light level foot-candle measurements at multiple distances to check to see if your bank branch is meeting the RCW/ORS and providing your banking customers safe lighting to conduct their banking needs at night. If you do not meet the required light levels, our LED lighting design team will determine solutions to bring your branch into safety compliance.

Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to schedule a commercial lighting audit.

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