Government capitol building with diverse interior and exterior public entity lighting
Government Capitol Building With Diverse Interior And Exterior Public Entity Lighting

Government & Public Sector Entities

Every year, public entities work with Lumenal Lighting to establish and install quality, sustainable, price competitive lighting solutions that reduce maintenance and energy costs, freeing up funds that may be better spent elsewhere. Our goal is to help lawmakers and public works administrators allocate facility upgrade funds wisely and give them the best return on investment (ROI).

Lumenal Lighting can analyze the current status of a public entity’s lighting system and provide quality solutions that will bring government facilities and exterior spaces up to current quality and energy efficiency standards.

Safe and clean job sites are our #1 priority on all projects, including government facilities. We have a great safety rating due to our constant education and training. Our crews have their own cleaning equipment with the goal of leaving the site cleaner than when we got there.

Shane Petitt, VP Client Relations, Lumenal Lighting

Lighting for Education

School classroom lighting design is trending towards lighting customization. Educators are no longer hindered by one light color or one light level. LED lighting enables them to choose varying light colors and intensities for different times of the day or present tasks. Teachers may implement crisp, bluer light for an early morning boost or to dial in focus during test-taking. Then they may tune the lighting experience to dimmed, warmer tones to help students transition back to the classroom mode following the excitement of outdoor recess. Your Lighting Consultant will help you identify areas of your facility where you might wish to implement customizable lighting solutions to help maximize student and visitor satisfaction, safety, and productivity.

Military Facility Lighting

Federal facilities and military bases pose their own set of challenges and requirements. Our focus is to offer our federal and military clients the services of highly skilled electrical tradespeople that have undergone extensive background checks and adhere to a zero-tolerance drug policy. As one of our federal facility clients, you can be assured that we understand and respond to your need for elevated security, adherence to confidentiality, and detailed planning and coordination.

Your Buy America compliance requirements can also be met by partnering with Lumenal Lighting. Our lighting design team regularly identifies, researches, and evaluates vendors and manufacturers offering Buy America compliant products to ensure quality and viability.

Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to discuss your Government or Public Sector entity lighting needs with a Lighting Consultant.

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