Optimally lit office and common areas after a successful commercial lighting upgrade
Optimally Lit Office And Common Areas After A Successful Commercial Lighting Upgrade

LED Commercial Lighting Upgrade Service

The best way to achieve a successful LED Commercial Lighting Upgrade is to partner with the right team of lighting professionals. Lumenal Lighting is here to help you at every step of your commercial lighting upgrade. By working cooperatively with your Lighting Consultant, Auditing, and Design teams, you can ensure a superb LED lighting conversion result. LED lighting and controls technology evolve so quickly, that it is essential to have someone following those trends and advances on your behalf and make appropriate recommendations.

  • Lighting Consultants help you define your commercial LED lighting goals and determine a working budget. Their guidance can help ensure that you identify your lighting challenges and develop a plan to solve them. It is important to have a well-informed consultant to start you on your path to a quality, energy-efficient, LED lighting solution.
  • Lighting Auditors evaluate your space and diligently collect data related to your existing lighting and controls system. Their thoroughness and accuracy ensure that the right retrofit solution is recommended, the correct material is ordered, and the anticipated energy and maintenance savings calculations are realized.
  • Lighting Designers determine the specific LED replacement products to meet your lighting goals and budget. The options available in the LED lighting realm are vast and numerous. A skilled lighting designer will have vetted products and practices to make sure that the right LED and controls solutions are put in place to exceed your expectations. It is their aim to show clients what a difference a quality LED upgrade can make in their space.
  • Lighting Rebate Analysts determine what utility rebates for which your project may be eligible. Diligent analysts participate in round table discussions and conferences with local utilities to learn about their incentive programs. They also serve as the voice of the business public and help the utilities craft new programs and incentives based on customer needs. Their goal is to maximize the rebates for their clients, as well as give the utilities the best ways to service their own customers.
  • Project Managers ensure that your commercial lighting installation is completed on time and within budget. Scheduling any kind of renovation, construction, or upgrade project in a working facility can be very challenging. The Project Managers serve to mitigate those inconveniences and disruptions.
  • Licensed Journeymen Electricians and Apprentices install your commercial LED lighting upgrade reliably and up to code. Skilled tradespeople are in exceptionally high demand. Lumenal Lighting attracts, cultivates, and retains the absolute best and brightest of electrical tradespeople. Their skills, experience, and dedication to a job well done are the keys to success in every LED Lighting Upgrade project we do.

The Lighting Technology Evolution

The benefits of partnering with an experienced LED Lighting and Electrical contractor are countless. Our 40 years in lighting have given us the unique perspective of experiencing first-hand the tremendous evolution of an entire industry. We began as a fluorescent light bulb distributor in 1980 and have since seen a phase out of those older technologies in favor of new and exciting LED lighting solutions. Choosing a partner that has experienced so much change in a remarkably short amount of time is essential if you want to avoid the pitfalls of making an ill-informed decision about something that could impact the qualify of your work and services space for years to come.

Our team of consultants, auditors, and designers have seen a copious number of fixture types and applications. They may be able to offer key insights and creative solutions to your lighting challenges. The top-quality Project Managers, Journeyman Electricians, and Apprentices assigned to your LED lighting upgrade or electrical services job are dedicated to make sure that your project will come in on schedule and under budget. They are determined minimize the inherent inconveniences of construction and always leave the job site as clean or better than they found it when they end their day.

Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to schedule your commercial LED lighting upgrade or electrical services project.

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