LED Commercial lighting consultants and client collaborating on a new lighting design plan
LED Commercial Lighting Consultants And Client Collaborating On A New Lighting Design Plan

LED Commercial Lighting Consulting Service

The lighting design and consulting team at Lumenal Lighting are here to guide you through your LED conversion. Working with a professional lighting designer, preferably one with the LC (Lighting Certified) professional designation, is the best way to maximize light quality and electrical energy savings. We are a design-build lighting contractor, which means that we will be with you every step of the way, from the first review of your space to the final inspection of our quality work product. Our Lighting Consultants will identify your specific lighting concerns and help you develop a plan and budget to achieve your lighting improvement and energy savings goals. As a product-agnostic company, we will recommend the best solution to meet your needs, instead of pressuring you into choosing a specific brand. That way you know you have been given the best choice, every time. If you are not happy, we are not finished. Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to speak to a Lighting Consultant in your service area.

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