Well lit underground parking garage improves safety and security
Well Lit Underground Parking Garage Improves Safety And Security

Security Lighting Solutions

Fixing poor lighting is a proven way to improve the safety and security of commercial properties. High-efficiency LED security lighting can double your brightness level without negatively impacting your electrical usage. Additionally, LED Lighting is the best choice when your property has security cameras. Do you currently have orange-hued HPS (high-pressure sodium) exterior lights? Upgrading commercial exterior lighting to LED will increase light levels and render more accurate colors. That means you may clearly identify the color of a suspicious car in your parking lot, instead of just guessing the color of a dark image lit by a dull orange hue. Proper lighting may improve multiple lighting safety and security concerns:

  • Vehicle prowlers and theft
  • After hours loitering or trespassers
  • Vandalism of property
  • Break-ins and burglary
  • Stairways and sloped surfaces
  • Employee safety walking to and from their vehicles

Bank Security Lighting Upgrades

Bank branches are required to meet certain lighting levels for ATMs and Night Deposits per RCW 19.174.050 in Washington and ORS 714.295 in Oregon. Lumenal Lighting’s auditors take foot-candle light level readings at multiple distances to check whether you are providing safe lighting for your banking customers. If deficiencies were found to exist, our design team is available to determine solutions to bring your branch into lighting compliance.

Your Lighting Consultant will help you identify lighting level trouble spots at your facility and help you determine if we can upgrade your existing fixtures or add more light fixtures and/or poles to improve it. Your lighting designer will use software tools and extensive experience to develop a lighting solution that will make your space safer and more inviting for your employees and customers. Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to address your lighting safety and security lighting concerns.

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