Warehouse facility with LED industrial high bay lighting
Warehouse Facility With LED Industrial High Bay Lighting

Industrial Facility Owners

Industrial facility owners depend on Lumenal Lighting to address their unique lighting design challenges. Rarely does a one-size-fits-all method create the best industrial lighting environment. Industrial facilities have areas that necessitate specialized lighting solutions.

  • Extreme temperature swings and exposure to the elements
  • Areas with complex manufacturing equipment
  • Contain food processing equipment
  • Class 1, Division 1 locations containing flammable material
  • Indoor pools and other natatorium facilities
  • Inventory racking or other obstructions
  • Hard to reach fixtures due to extreme heights or access hindrances

Industrial Lighting Solutions

Industrial facilities benefit from strategic and purposeful lighting design that balances lighting efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the specific needs based on the use of the space. For example, warehouses might contain tall racks of manufactured products that are accessible only by forklift drivers and occupied only occasionally during the working day. Those spaces can be upgraded with well-placed LED fixtures that maximize the vertical visual plane of the racking to ease label identification so that picking and stocking are easier, faster, and more accurate. They would also feature bi-level dimming occupancy sensors so that energy savings are maximized when the spaces are not in use.

Our full-time, in-house electricians are fully trained on a wide variety of lift equipment so they may reach the fixtures your in-house facilities crew cannot. By partnering with Lumenal Lighting, industrial facility owners may also benefit from our flexible service and installation crews. Many of our industrial facility clients schedule maintenance and retrofit projects during company shutdowns to minimize productivity impacts.

Reach us online anytime or call us today at (425) 481-5001 to discuss or schedule your industrial lighting maintenance or facility lighting upgrade.

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