Bustling healthcare facility with retrofit, relamped, and tunable LED lighting
Bustling Healthcare Facility With Retrofit, Relamped, And Tunable LED Lighting

Lighting for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities managers experience high operational costs associated with a building with long operating hours and high-density electrical usage. Addressing outdated and inefficient lighting systems is a proven method to lower some of those costs.

Lighting upgrade projects are especially challenging in a hospital. Lumenal Lighting knows how to minimize inconveniences to staff and patients during installation. We are cognizant of sensitive and sterile environments unique to healthcare and know how to prepare for working in those areas.

You may opt for the quick return retrofit solution that focuses on relamping your healthcare facility’s existing fixtures with LED technology. That method generally results in an over 50% reduction in energy costs. Conversely, you may decide that a more holistic and extensive lighting and controls upgrade is warranted. Lumenal Lighting is equally proficient at implementing either solution.

Tunable Lighting in Healthcare Facilities

In the highly competitive market for attracting medical patients, it is important that healthcare facilities have the look and feel that makes patients and visitors feel comfortable.

The newest and arguably most exciting advancement in lighting is tunable LED light fixtures. People are no longer restricted to one light color or one light level. LED human-centric lighting solutions enable you to choose varying light colors and intensities for different times of the day. When patients and staff are kept indoors for extended periods of time, they may benefit from lighting systems that mimic the natural shifts in lighting color and intensity that occur outside. There are countless ways you can customize your interior lighting experience to meet your specific needs or just pick the color and brightness that you like the best for each use area.

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