LED Antimicrobial Lighting Supplements Disinfecting Methods

LED Antimicrobial Lighting, Social Distancing and Nitrile Gloves Enhance Industrial Safety
LED Antimicrobial Lighting, Social Distancing, and Nitrile Gloves Enhance Industrial Safety

Heavily traveled and crowded spaces pose a variety of health and safety challenges. By pairing antimicrobial technology with high efficiency LED light fixtures, it is possible to minimize some of the risk factors inherent to those spaces. Lumenal Lighting is excited to share what we have learned about an innovative line of lighting products that have integrated antimicrobial lighting technology into their light fixtures. Adding this product to your LED lighting upgrade project as a supplement to existing disinfecting and sanitization procedures can help reduce foodborne, airborne, surface contaminant, and infection risks. This innovative lighting solution improves the quality and level of illumination, dramatically reduces energy consumption, and supplements sanitization and disinfecting efforts in your facility.

SpectraClean Antimicrobial Lighting

Our partners at Hubbell Lighting have developed SpectraClean™ antimicrobial lighting. It provides continued targeted disinfection and automatically treats harmful microorganisms suspended in air, trapped on objects, and residing on surfaces.

Antimicrobial Lighting Technology Reduces Many Photosensitive Pathogens

SpectraClean leverages advancements in lighting science and microbiology to provide a 405-nanometer (nm) narrowband visible light that suppresses a wide range of pathogens. High Intensity Narrow Spectrum (HINS) light accelerates the creation of damaging Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which leads to cell inactivation.

The 405 nm HINS technology is proven effective and validated by scores of independent research that supports the safety and efficacy of this technology. The SpectraClean products are approved for use in the following areas:

  • Food Industry – Manufacturing, Packaging, Retail, Preparation, and Service
  • Education & Child Care – Schools, Daycare, and Dormitories
  • Public Transportation – Stations, Terminals, and Vehicles
  • Recreation & Wellness – Gyms, Group Exercise Spaces, Equipment Storage, and Locker Rooms

Lumenal Lighting’s strategic partnership with Hubbell Lighting allows us to work directly with our clients to determine the very best solution for your unique application. We design the space with SpectraClean as the primary white light solution and then calculate the duration of HINS disinfection required for optimum results. For specific opportunities, Lumenal & Hubbell can provide a 120-day trial installation and test for effectiveness, including accelerated disinfection. Call us today at (425) 481-5001 to get SpectraClean antimicrobial lighting installed in your facilities.


Last Modified: August 1, 2020