Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services Ramp Up in Response to Longer Nights

Commercial Lighting Maintenance Enables A Safe, Inviting, Well-Lit Shopping Experience
Commercial Lighting Maintenance Enables A Safe, Inviting, Well-Lit Shopping Experience

As the days grow darker earlier and businesses begin to open their doors once again, it is time to address deferred lighting maintenance needs. Adequate exterior lighting is one of the key components of a safe and welcoming facility. During these recent and challenging times of uncertainty, many commercial building owners and property managers have delayed some of their planned capital expenditure improvement projects. Maintenance needs wait for no pandemic; burned out lamps and failing ballasts still demand attention. Lumenal Lighting is here to help. Our licensed Journeyman electricians and Apprentices can change failed lamps, ballasts, and photocells. A fully illuminated parking lot and building entrance sends a clear message to your customers that you are open for business and eager to welcome them back.

Few things better convey that someone is open for business than a safe, inviting, well-lit parking lot and entrance. Turn on the lights for your customers and welcome them back.

Bobbi McLeod, LC, Lumenal Lighting

Lumenal Lighting has been a trusted electrical service provider in the Puget Sound for over 40 years. We have withstood seasonal changes, national economic downturns, technological advancements, and our most recent pandemic challenges. The mark of a good business is that it evolves to face new challenges and adjusts to a new set of parameters. Lumenal Lighting has seen it all, and we are here to help you face the next phase of your successful business. We are the preeminent resource for your commercial lighting and electrical needs.

Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services Adapt to Changing Needs

Property managers and commercial building owners may opt to maintain their existing lighting instead of undertaking an extensive retrofit project at this time. That does not mean that improvements cannot be made. There are a variety of cost-effective lighting maintenance options from which to choose.

  • Replace burned out or dimmed, aged HID lamps with the same technology for the short-term most cost-effective solution
  • Explore upgrading old HID lamps to HID equivalent LED replacement lamps – potentially eliminating future ballast maintenance costs
  • Check out inexpensive, chip on board retrofit kits to direct and focus lighting energy to where it is needed most
  • Schedule your rolling retrofit program in which new LED fixtures are installed instead of repairing old lights as they fail

Lumenal Lighting expects that the demand for repair and maintenance services will soar in the upcoming months. To ready ourselves for the increased need, we have expanded our service and maintenance department. We have reallocated administrative personnel and added to our Journeyman and Apprentice staff to address the needs of our clients. Failing light fixtures that have been neglected over the last several months need attention now, and Lumenal Lighting is here to help with two different levels of lighting maintenance service evaluations.

Lumenal Lighting offers a choice of two levels of commercial lighting maintenance evaluations:

  • $125Level 1 Commercial lighting repair evaluation by an experienced Journeyman Electrician. A journeyman visits the place of business, troubleshoots the lighting issue, and provides a quote for the repair services. Oftentimes, repairs are made on the same visit.
  • $299Level 2 Commercial lighting replacement evaluation by an experienced Lighting and Energy Services Consultant. A consultant visits the place of business, conducts an audit of the existing lighting fixtures, and prepares a quote and report for the replacement services. The report includes information about energy reduction, maintenance savings, life cycle cost analysis, potential utility rebates, and other customized insights. Should you opt into the proposed replacement within 60 days, Lumenal Lighting credits the $299 toward your purchase.

Request a Sample Commercial Lighting Replacement Evaluation Report.

Advancements in LED Technology Leave Some Lighting Maintenance Companies in the Dark

The lighting needs of commercial clients have changed over the last several decades. The surge in LED adoption in recent years has demanded that lighting and electrical service providers step up their game. Some companies have failed to keep up with technological advances in lighting and controls, leaving them ill-equipped to make the best recommendations to their clients. It is this need for knowledge where Lumenal Lighting really shines. Our team of skilled craftspeople, lighting consultants, and designers are here to partner with property managers and commercial property owners to get the most out of their lighting maintenance and service projects.

Contact us online or call Lumenal Lighting at (425) 481-5001 today to schedule your Level 1 or Level 2 commercial lighting maintenance evaluation. Then, turn on the lights for your customers and welcome them back.


Last Modified: October 15, 2020