Lowest Priced Commercial Lighting Contractor Not Worth the Cost

Choosing The Wrong Commercial Lighting Contractor Same As Burning Money
Choosing The Wrong Commercial Lighting Contractor Same As Burning Money

As business owners and property management companies contemplate upgrading their property’s lighting to LED, they are bound to discover several revelations. First off, commercial LED lighting systems can be expensive in the short run. As a technology that has been in common use for only the last decade, LED fixtures and components may have a higher upfront cost than their HID, fluorescent, and incandescent legacy counterparts. Secondly, there are so many LED options from which to choose. LED lighting is available in countless form factors from new fixtures and retrofit kits to lamps that are nearly indistinguishable in appearance from older technology versions. Lastly, LED products are more readily available than ever. Consumers can now find LED lamp and fixture options in home improvement stores and through online retailers. With so many options and varieties from which to choose, clients may not know what is right for their specific application. Thus, choosing the right commercial lighting contractor is key to the lighting project’s success.

It is tempting for clients to pick the lowest priced commercial lighting contractor; although, the actual resulting cost could be more than they bargained for.

Bobbi McLeod, LC, Lumenal Lighting

What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Lighting Contractor

When starting an LED lighting upgrade project, one should partner with an electrical contractor that specializes in commercial lighting. The LED lighting industry is rapidly changing and upgrading their products to enhance efficiency, longevity, and appearance. LED lighting specialists will be familiar with terms such as lumens per watt (lm/W), Kelvin color temperature (K), color rendering index (CRI), and BUG rating. These are all key elements in choosing the best LED lighting system for specific applications.

The technical specifications of the fixture, kit, or lamp should not be the only criteria on which to base purchasing decisions. Discerning buyers should also consider the reputation of the manufacturer, their longevity in the lighting industry, and their willingness and ability to provide warranties. An LED lighting specialist will have vetted countless products and manufacturers to determine quality and reliability. Their design and sales teams should be regularly meeting with manufacturer representatives to make themselves aware of emerging technologies, new fixtures, controls, and retrofit solutions. They will work with multiple reliable lighting manufacturers, so clients know they are offered the best choice, not just pressured into a specific brand. LED lighting specialist contractors who have been in business for many years will have also collected data to determine what brands and products have the best long-term reliability and cost benefit.

Questions to Ask Your Lighting Consultant

  • How long has the commercial lighting contractor company specialized in lighting?
  • Are the company’s Designers Lighting Certified (LC)?
  • Does the company self-install or subcontract labor?
  • Are the Journeyman Electricians licensed to perform work in Washington or Oregon?
  • Does the company pull all required electrical permits?
  • Does the company handle utility rebates for which this project may be eligible?

Experienced Installation Teams Ensure Quality End Result

By partnering with an LED lighting contractor that self-installs using licensed Washington and Oregon Journeyman Electricians, clients can be confident that they will be happy with the end-product. Commercial and industrial properties are rife with substandard workmanship. The installation teams may not have been licensed or possess the requisite training to perform a quality installation. Budget contractors may be cheaper in the short-run, but clients are often forced to hire a second contractor to clean up the shoddy, code-violating work of the first. A successful LED upgrade will include a detailed audit of existing fixtures, opportunity to select from multiple solutions and manufacturers, utility rebate assessment, installation by licensed Journeyman electricians and Apprentices, and permit sign-off by the electrical inspector. Partnering with a design-build (one contract with a single point of responsibility), full-service lighting and electrical contractor will result in a high-efficiency and low-maintenance LED lighting system.

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Last Modified: May 21, 2021