EV Charging Stations Attract Valuable Commercial and Multifamily Property Tenants

Commercial Property Tenant Connects Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station
Commercial Property Tenant Connects Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

Electricity is on pace to lead as the fuel of choice for motor vehicles of the future. Governments worldwide are taking steps to phase out the use of combustion engines in favor of hybrid or fully electric vehicles. Influenced by both governmental regulations and public opinion, an increasing number of consumers are opting for electric vehicle ownership. That shift creates an increase in demand for electric vehicle charging stations. It will not be long before drivers see their roadside gas stations replaced with a bank of EV charging stations.

The meteoric rise in popularity of electric vehicles in recent years is evident to anyone driving in the areas around Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Commercial and multifamily property owners and managers in these areas are under constant pressure to differentiate themselves from competing properties. One of the latest and most popular trends is providing on-site charging stations.

  • Attract top tier tenants. Commercial and Multifamily tenants are looking for convenient charging stations to use at work or at home.
  • Future proof your property. An increasing number of tenants consider onsite charging stations a required amenity when making lease choices. Offering this service early makes a statement to tenants that you anticipate and respond to their needs.
  • Tax incentives might be available. As the demand for electric charging stations and their supporting infrastructure increases, tax incentives might be available to encourage early adopters. A variety of rebates, write-offs, tax credits, and more can offset the cost of installing EV charging stations.
  • Make a green statement. EV charging stations on your property announce to potential tenants that you are an active participant in their fight against air pollution and for the reduction of fossil fuels.

Lumenal Lighting demonstrates leadership on EV charging stations as a way to increase building occupancy rates.

Bobbi McLeod, LC, Lumenal Lighting

The Energy Solutions Consultants at Lumenal Lighting are excited to guide you through your options for installing one or more electric vehicle charging stations on your property. We have partnered with Rexel USA and ChargePoint, acknowledged experts in charging station technologies and applications. Whether you are looking for long-term charging for tenants or short-term charging for visitors, we have the right solution. Our experienced specifiers and licensed electricians are ready to make your dream of installing a new green-minded, client magnet a reality.

EV Charging Stations Installation

Owners and managers of commercial or multifamily properties are uniquely positioned to offer EV charging stations that attract tenants and improve the planet. Our Energy Solutions Consultants will help you to define your charging station goals and plan a budget. Our Design team will draft a compelling proposal, outlining the best solution to meet those goals. Lastly, Lumenal Lighting’s crews of licensed electricians will complete your installation, up to code and up to your satisfaction. Call (425) 481-5001 today to get a free EV consultation!