Webinar Platform Proves Essential for Ultraviolet Energy Information

Attending Ultraviolet Energy Webinar during Isolation with Best Friend Nearby
Attending Ultraviolet Energy Webinar during Isolation with Best Friend Nearby

In response to stay home initiatives and social distancing recommendations, many companies have explored and embraced their virtual options. Web-based platforms like GoToMeeting, Zoom, and MS Teams have allowed informational presentations to occur and productive meetings to proceed safely. In some cases, webinars have offered companies a never-before used avenue to connect with existing clients. Once we all got through the technical difficulties, dogs barking in the background, and can you see my pajama pants on my webcam phases, it was as close to a normal workday as one could expect.

In April 2020, Lumenal Lighting endeavored to act as an informational virtual conduit for its clients on the topic of ultraviolet energy and germicidal lighting. The Lighting Design and Consulting team researched the scientific basics of visible light, UVC, and far-UVC technology and the most up to date information regarding their potential effectiveness on viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. The team also vetted specific product lines including: Hubbell’s SpectraClean™, XtraLight®, Cooper Lighting Solutions quartz-coated mercury UVC, and Healthe® by Lighting Science. They assembled their findings in a digital format, replete with all the graphics, charts, and bullet points one expects in a solid PowerPoint presentation. The Lighting Consultants reached out to their client contacts to gauge interest in their webinar titled UV ABCs An introduction to ultraviolet (UV) energy and how light can be implemented as a tool to bolster disinfection efforts. The response was immediate and encouraging. Over 10 webinars were scheduled throughout May, June, and July, and included property managers, electrical utility experts, and energy project coordinators in healthcare, education, and government sectors.

Lumenal Lighting Presents UV ABCs - Ultraviolet Energy Introduction
Lumenal Lighting Presents UV ABCs – Ultraviolet Energy Introduction [PDF]

Clients Request Introductory Information on Ultraviolet Energy

The webinar started with a brief science lesson about ultraviolet energy. UV light exists just to the left of violet on the electromagnetic spectrum. Remember good old ROY G. BIV from school science classes? Ultraviolet comes right after that. Ultraviolet Energy is the section of the electromagnetic spectrum measuring 400 to 40 nanometers (nm). Visible light ranges from 740 to 380 nm. UV is not visible to the naked eye but may appear purple or bluish as it nears the visible light section of the spectrum. Both visible light and UV are used for different types of disinfection. Ultraviolet energy ranging from 280-200 nm is called UVC. Hospitals have been using UVC germicidal lamps for 90 years to combat drug-resistant superbugs, viruses, and bacteria. It was particularly useful against a tuberculosis outbreak spike in the 1980s. With the increased adoption of vaccines and antibiotics in the latter half of the 20th century, the need for UVC solutions ebbed slightly. It is possible that increases in drug resistance and novel viruses will once again give UVC the opportunity to be the hero.

The UV ABCs webinar was a great way to connect with clients and relay up to date information on potentially confusing subject matter in a short and easy to understand format.

Bobbi McLeod, LC, Lumenal Lighting

Lighting Manufacturers Offer Antimicrobial Visible Light & UV Solutions

Although Lumenal Lighting continues to maintain their product-agnostic status, several specific manufacturers were featured in the webinar. Manufacturers are expected to ramp up their UV testing and fixture offerings in response to overwhelming demand. Those who already had options in the antimicrobial lighting and germicidal UVC spaces are likely at a huge advantage.

  • Hubbell’s SpectraClean offers visible light solutions that combines LED illumination with antimicrobial visible light modes
  • XtraLight focuses on wheeled mobile and handheld options for UVC disinfection
  • Cooper’s quartz-coated mercury UVC in 254 nm wavelengths is available in several form factors
  • Healthe by Lighting Science are industry innovators with troffers, downlights, and futuristic disinfecting portals.

Future Webinar Topics are in the Works

The abundance of interest in and success of this webinar series begged the question as to whether these events should be an ongoing part of Lumenal Lighting’s client outreach repertoire. As they introduce new facets to their capabilities, such as electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and solar panels, clients can expect additional presentations in this format. It will likely be more attractive for clients to attend a virtual presentation versus in-person visits for the immediate future. Stay tuned for future broadcasts from Lumenal Lighting Presents.