Parking Garage Lighting Upgrade

Bright Parking Garage Alley After LED Lighting Upgrade
Bright Parking Garage Alley After LED Lighting Upgrade

Improved Lighting After LED Lighting Upgrade in a Seattle Parking Garage

Underground or otherwise dark parking garages are often a major security concern for commercial property managers and owners. A poorly lit parking garage may discourage visitors and customers from frequenting your place of business. When you have a poorly lit parking environment, you are taking a foolish financial risk. Not only does it discourage visitors but may also result in actual losses due to theft, injury, or crime. Upgrading your lighting to energy efficient LED is a great way to reduce energy costs immediately and mitigate potential negative financial impacts in the future. One of our Seattle area clients recently decided to upgrade their parking garage lights to LED to reduce energy costs and improve light levels.

I was so pleased with how incredible the parking garage looked after their LED lighting upgrade. Seeing the impressive end result of our team’s hard work is always my favorite part of being a Lighting Designer.

Bobbi McLeod, LC, Lumenal Lighting

Dark Parking Garage Alley Before LED Lighting Upgrade
Dark Parking Garage Alley Before LED Lighting Upgrade

Our Seattle area client had metal halide canopy lights in their parking garage. These fixtures were using 200 watts each, at an annual operating cost of approximately $88,000. Upgrading to LED fixtures that use 56 watts each reduced their energy costs to $25,000. That is an annual savings of $63,000!

In addition to huge energy savings, the new LED fixtures are also expected to operate 24 hours per day, maintenance free, for at least the next 11 years. That means that our client is also able to avoid $17,000 per year in estimated annual maintenance cost of their old, metal halide light fixtures. So, their overall savings for this project is $80,000 per year. We anticipate that this project will pay for itself in just over 3 years.

Parking Garage Lighting Upgrades Save 50%-70% On Energy Bills

Lumenal Lighting is dedicated to identifying projects with great paybacks and huge visual impact. If you own or manage a parking garage, we may be able to help you save 50-70% on your energy bills. By upgrading your parking garage to LED light fixtures you may create a safer and more welcoming environment. We have dedicated Lighting Consultants to help you define your lighting needs and create a budget. We have Lighting Auditors to inventory your existing lighting conditions. We have a Lighting Design team that will put together a compelling proposal, outlining the best solution to meet your lighting and budgetary needs. Whether your goals are energy savings, improved safety, or maintenance costs avoidance – an LED Lighting Upgrade can help. Call (425) 481-5001 today!